Why Carry Minati’s Video Removal was Right

There is a lot of buzz around Carry’s Video coming up to roast Tiktoker Community ( An individual mostly) and even a bigger buzz around his video being banned. Hashtags on Twitter are trending continuously from his supporters

Coming straight to the point , This is why Carry’s Video getting removed was correct

The Video was a display of Arrogance and Superiority Complex

It was clear in Carry’s words that he was showing himself to be superior to them and that nothing can be done to him , see the below snippet.

He was banned previously too.

Its not the first time he has been striked by viewers. See this video from 2016 where he is seeing begging his viewers to help him. Clearly he has not learned to be careful

His Video setting global records will have set wrong precedent

If you see the YouTube Top viewed videos, none of the videos had a content which can be considered as roasting. A setting of world record of such videos set wrong example to upcoming You tubers and promote more such content which can be hateful and biased. Also , It promotes that concept that more abusive you are more famous you can become.

Class Divide

TikTokers content may be cringe, but there are people who are earning from it, When there is so much Unemployment Already , Its pointless to raise questions on others , when you are already sourcing income from youtube. Its also a fight of two classes of society , poor vs rich. You can clearly see that the TikTok Videos are make by lowr section of society and its popular in that segment . The buzz around this debate shows that discrimination can not be only religious , but also among classes, and its quite rampant with a show of millions of responses towards this issue

Just because everyone does it , it does not mean it is right

A lot of arguments are being given to show that youtube is biased in deleting videos as it couldn’t see an Indian getting on the top. This is just a pretty common Indian Excuse of promoting their wrongfulness

If caught doing something wrong , or pointed out they are wrong, the counter will be “Everyone else is doing the same, why dont you go and stop them” . This is just lame excuse given by those who get caught or noticed. A typical behavior that happens among parties in politics too

Whats Next ?

Carry’s Video may come back after a review. It depends on whether it was mass reported or being reported by Amir, If its reported by Amir, its unlikely coming back as the whole video was about him and no matter how much you edit it, you cant improve the video without losing its sense

Carry is back again in same 2016 mode giving clarifications

This is not an issue at all, and the hype being given to it among other critical national and global issues is just unprecedented.

TikTokers are also supporting Carry

Surprisingly, There are Many Fans of Carry among TikTokers who are supporting his rant on Amir Siddiqi

India Retaliates

Indian users have retaliated to this by the usual response.

  1. ByCott Youtube
  2. Give 1 Rating to TikTok

A youtuber claimed that they have destroyed TikTok. A laughable feat indeed.

Both are hardly going to have any impact on either youtube or TikTok as the rating wont matter to the users who already have installed TikTok neither its going to impact revenue of both TikTok and Youtube

We will see how this one goes.

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